In a very cost and profit driven industry, hiring an executive pastry chef to oversee your dessert service is a difficult if not impossible proposition.  Master Pastry Chef Rudi, along with his trusted dessert companies will alleviate pressure from owners and management and help give your guests a dessert “experience.”

Create an amazing dessert surprise with chocolate blossom leaves from Chocolates a la Carte. A dessert to be remembered by your guests!

How great is it to start your morning with a hot cup of coffee and a freshly baked pastry from Maui Muffins.  With so many batter flavors to choose from, just scoop it, bake it, amazing!  Consistent, cost effective, delicious!

Wow your customers with a decadent & delicious dessert from Symphony Pastries!  Delicious!

Last minute pop-up for a large banquet?!  With La Rose Noire’s unique mini-dessert shells & tarts you will wow your customers every time!

Amaze your customers with a one of a kind gelato ice cream presentation from Florentino Ice Cream!  Assorted artisan gelato in a cone shape, not only does it look great it tastes fantastic!

Have a VIP guest who loves baseball?!  With Photofrost rice paper and edible food coloring, you can prepare this amenity in just minutes!